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City Leaders Approve New Plan for Horton Plaza Park Cost

September 22, 2014

The San Diego City Council voted Tuesday to unanimously approve a plan for more funding for the Horton Plaza Park.
First announced almost four years ago, the proposed expansion of historic Horton Plaza Park on the 300 block of Broadway, east of 3rd Avenue has stalled.
The project was supposed to cost $8 million but because of delays and higher construction costs, the price tag has increased to $18 million.
City Council President Todd Gloria says the state should pay because it got rid of redevelopment.
He says this was an enforceable contract between the city and the redevelopment agency so the state’s on the hook for the additional costs.
Before Tuesday’s vote, he talked about why this project is so important.
“We have a lot of small businesses around that proposed park that are suffering because of the lack of construction, the lack of completion of that project,” Gloria said.
If the state Department of Finance approves the additional costs, the project could be done in a year, Gloria said.
It’s been a year and a half since a couple of major retail and restaurant buildings were demolished to make way for what city officials said in 2010 would be a showcase.
In a best-case scenario, officials say the park could still open in November of next year.

By Heathre Decou, via NBC San

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